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8-Pack Refills

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Maybe you are a Club Member that just needs a few extra blades (is the man in your life sneaking a few blades for himself? That’s okay– just get him his own subscription!), or perhaps you happened to get your hands on our Little Black Razor handle and just want a few more blades to try. Either way, we have you covered. You can order a pack of 8 refill blades delivered to your doorstep whenever you want. These are the same high-quality blades that our Inner Circle Members get. They are easy to use, perfect for shaving in both wet and dry conditions, and feature a super useful +1 blade perfect for trimming sensitive areas. We think you’ll like them enough to become a Roses Inner Circle member yourself!

American Made and Engineered for Quality and Comfort

Our 5+1 blades are made right here in America from the best materials available. The blades are super sharp so you can shave with less pressure on both, your skin and your wallet.