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September 21, 2017

Debunking the Top 5 Shaving Myths

Growing up, we've all been exposed to a plethora of myths, some rooted in truth, others downright fanciful. As purveyors of razors, we decided to tackle the most prevalent shaving myths in the first of our myth-busting series. Check them out and let us know if there are more shaving myths you'd like us to explore!

  1. Shaving Causes Hair to Grow Faster:

    • Myth Busted: Contrary to popular belief, shaving doesn't affect hair growth. Genetics, age, hormones, and even seasonal changes play a more significant role in hair growth rates. Shaving is not a magical accelerator; it's simply a grooming choice.
  2. Shaving Makes Hair Re-Grow Darker:

    • Myth Busted: Hair color is determined by genetics and melanin production, not shaving. Exposure to the sun bleaches hair, making it appear lighter. The myth persists because unshaved hair on arms and heads looks lighter due to sun exposure, not because shaving alters hair color.
  3. Shaving an Area Results in New Hair Growth:

    • Myth Busted: Shaving doesn't trigger new hair growth where there was none before. Hair growth is primarily influenced by genetic factors and hormonal fluctuations. Aging or pregnancy can introduce unexpected hair growth, but shaving is not a causative factor.
  4. Shaving Causes Hair to Become Coarser:

    • Myth Busted: The stubble left after shaving feels rough initially because it's cut at the thickest part. The illusion of coarseness fades as the hair grows out, revealing its natural texture. Hormones and genetics determine the actual coarseness or fineness of hair, not shaving.
  5. Shaving Fades Your Gorgeous Tan Quicker:

    • Myth Explored: While shaving removes the top layer of dead skin (the tan), it also unveils a healthier glow underneath. To maintain an even tan, exfoliate your whole body when shaving. The slight quickening of tan fade is due to the replacement of tanned skin by the new, untanned skin from below.

These are the top 5 shaving myths debunked! If you have more questions or myths you'd like us to explore, reach out to us at

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