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December 18, 2017

This is the third entry in our series on how to obtain healthy skin.  We have covered sleep and diet and today we look at why exercise is also key.

Unless you go WAY overboard there is almost nothing bad that can come from a bit of exercise. A good rule is to try to sweat (from exercise – the sauna doesn’t count no matter how much we want it to) at least 5 times a week.  Exercise benefits us in a number of ways and better skin is just the tip of the iceberg there.  When we exercise, we get the blood in our bodies flowing much more vigorously, this forces the smaller blood vessels that nourish our skin to open up more.  The higher blood flow volume results in increased nutrients reaching the surface of the skin.  This helps the skin to repair itself more effectively, staving off damage from the sun and environment.  The extra blood flow also helps to boost collagen production which keeps the skin elastic and resilient.  Finally, as the body tries to expel heat, you will notice your pores open up.  This helps your body to expel trapped dirt and oil as you sweat the junk away (just remember to shower as soon as possible after a workout).  While it may seem like exercising 5 times a week is a bit intense, this is just a recommendation.  Start with one day and push it up till you get to a routine that fits in your schedule.  Anything here is better than nothing.

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