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December 19, 2017

This is our fourth entry in our tips to get better skin series.  We have covered, sleep, diet, and exercise and today we will look at WHEN you should moisturize.

Winter is finally upon us and with it comes the dry, itchy, scaly skin that we all truly abhor.  We can, however, keep our skin smoother and softer just a little longer by employing the right habits.  In doing so we will also save ourselves a bit of time.  Normally when you step out of the shower you give yourself a nice thorough drying to get rid of most of that pesky water before you moisturize right?  If so, stop it.  That water is your best friend.  The better way to moisturize (especially in winter) is just to dab yourself a bit and while your skin is still damp, start applying your favorite lotion or body butter.  This will help to trap a lot more moisture in your skin keeping you smooth and soft far longer than the old method.  If you just happened to shave your legs this is doubly important as the extra moisture will help to calm the skin as well.

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