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December 22, 2017

Today is the final day in our Skin Care Tips blog series, and we are happy to highlight something that we often overlook - consistency.

Like moms cooking and getting ready for a big night out, anything worthwhile takes time. The same is true of your skincare regime.  Between moisturizing, washing, exfoliating, masks, plucking, and the numerous other things we do to our skin it may feel like we are wasting tons of time, but this is only true if we are not consistent.  The time you take to ensure the health of your skin is an investment and generally, like investing in your health (eating well, exercising), it can generate some excellent results.  Correctly maintained skin looks and feels younger and healthier giving you yet another reason to be confident in yourself.  Also, look at your skin as your first line of defense against a host of environmental dangers (pollution, bacteria, grime, etc.).  It would only make sense for us to want this barrier to be as strong as possible.

That level of healthy skin requires maintenance via a flexible but consistent routine. We have been accentuating the need for consistency because just one skip day can lead to a host of problems which you then blame on your routine (trust us, we've done this before too).  A long night out can screw up your sleep for patterns for days afterward.  Likewise, skipping your regime just once can undo weeks of good behavior, lead to breakouts and result in irritated skin.  It doesn’t matter whether your ‘cheat’ is a night when you get back and just don’t wash the makeup off your face or a weekend at the beach without sunscreen.  In either scenario, you are setting yourself up for clogged pores or damaged skin just by being inconsistent.  The other problem is that slipping can be habit forming and soon you will find that you are less and less inclined to follow your regime.  It takes about 30 days to get into a habit.  For those first thirty days, we suggest you keep a skin care checklist and make sure you tick off all the activities (wash, exfoliate, pluck, etc.) daily.  If you can do that for a month, then you will feel much less inclined to take that ‘cheat’ day and the health of your skin will improve faster.

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