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December 21, 2017

In today's Skin Tip blog we talk about something most of us don't do enough, adapting our routines.  Every day is different, and our skincare regime must adjust to that.

Your beauty routine should be anything but routine. We change our workout schedules with the seasons and to keep our bodies on their toes.  We should be doing something similar to our skin.  For example, it makes sense to switch to a thicker moisturizer in winter when we have a higher chance of drying out.  Likewise, it makes sense to exfoliate more often in winter than summer.  In the summertime, we tend to shave our legs more frequently, and this acts as an exfoliating activity.  In winter we tend to shave our legs less often (hair tends to grow a bit slower in cold weather too), but the dry environment means we still have a lot of dead cells that need to go so we should boost our scrub usage in the winter to keep the skin refreshed.  Just like that, it’s wise to have a set of smartly chosen products and then to cater your skincare regime to your skins changing needs.  On days where you feel extra oily, perhaps you can use a lighter moisturizer, and on your dry days, you can use something much more luxurious.

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