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Long Stem Box

12 Refill Blades, 1 Little Black Handle

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Introducing the epitome of self-care and the perfect gift for that special someone, including yourself, – our Ultimate Gift Set. Elevate your shaving experience with our signature Long Stem Box featuring a luxurious Little Black Razor handle.

Indulge in the exquisite rubberized finish and perfect weight of our Little Black Razor, ensuring a sublime feel in your hand. Designed for optimal shower shaving, it boasts strategically placed grips, allowing you to achieve flawlessness from head to toe.

But that's not all – the Long Stem Box comes complete with a full dozen of our premium 5+1 blade razors. Experience the unparalleled quality of a great shave, every day. These razors are easy to rinse in the shower, and the flex head guarantees smooth, irritation-free skin. The +1 precision trimming blade on the top is ideal for those special finishing touches.

Treat yourself or surprise a lucky lady with the Ultimate Gift Set – because all women deserve nothing but the best. Order now and indulge in a shaving experience that transcends the ordinary.

American Made and Engineered for Quality and Comfort

Our 5+1 blades are made right here in America from the best materials available. The blades are super sharp so you can shave with less pressure on both, your skin and your wallet.