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Rose's Short Stem Box

4 Refill Blades, 1 Little Black Handle

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This is the perfect way to try our blades and handles for yourself. Just like our signature Long Stem Box, the Short Stem Box contains one of our Little Black Razor handles. These wonderful handles are perfectly weighted to ensure they feel substantial in your hand without being too heavy for shaving in the shower. We also made sure they have plenty of grips and just the right shape to ensure you a pleasurable shave time after time. The Short Stem Box features a full months’ worth (four) of our premium 5+1 blade razors. We think the refills are sure to meet or exceed your expectations. There are enough blades to ensure you a great shave with much less irritation than razors with fewer blades. Our razors are also easy to rinse and feature a great +1 blade for those spots requiring a bit more precision.

American Made and Engineered for Quality and Comfort

Our 5+1 blades are made right here in America from the best materials available. The blades are super sharp so you can shave with less pressure on both, your skin and your wallet.